2021 Fitness & Wellness Gifts for your Active Friends

        Shopping mania is in full throttle and we’ve got you covered (as usual) with all the fitness-themed must-haves for your long line of active friends. Why gift a charcuterie board from Trader Joe's when you know damn well it’s going straight to the back of the cupboard? You're only as strong as the people around you. Hence, the only gift we care about is the gift of wellness. 

NonZero Gravity Gift Guide 2021

Under $25

Antimicrobial Face Masks

Starting at $9

This is the best stocking stuffer, both practical and very much in need. No one will turn down a face mask. Depending on your state, face mask regulations are subject to change, but the CDC currently recommends using face coverings for the 2021 Holiday Season. NZG has launched performance/sports masks that use natural technology to block external elements. Check out the variety of collections featuring sustainably sourced materials, zinc oxide, & silver ion technology.

Shop SeaTex, ZinTex or SilTex Face Masks.

Power Resistance Bands

Starting at $14.50

It’s all about resistance training, from intensified glute workouts to total-body sessions. The real seller here is that they’re latex-free, unlike traditional bands currently on the market! These bands are an easy addition to a workout regime for all strength levels. Starting at very low tensile resistance,  choose from seven (7) color-coded weight levels. Share with friends while group training or set up a duffle bag for the next gym session.

Available in singles and sets.

Ultra-Stretch Crop Tank


This cropped tank from the ZinTex collection holds the key to everything you’re looking for in a comfy, affordable and performance-based activewear top! Keep it modest paired with coordinating high-waisted bottoms or show off your toned stomach with low-rise shorts. If that's not a good enough selling point, note the four-way stretch fabric features moisture-wicking and odor-control technology. Say less and grab one of two color options.

Available in two (2) colors: berry and black.

Under $55

ZinTex High-Rise Running Shorts with Lining


We’re obsessed with the overall fit of these high-rise shorts! The elastic waistband sits comfortably on the midriff while the skin-tight interior lining snatches everything in place. And who said deep pockets we’re only for boys? Leave those antiquated design rules in the far, far past: these shorts will carry it all from your wallet to car keys or AirPods. Impress the environmental warriors; sustainably made using recycled polyester and spandex. BONUS: get all the perks of ZinTex apparel with an odor-block, sweat-wicking and antimicrobial fabric finish. 

Available in two (2) colors: berry and black.

ZinTex Training Tank


A classic tank design for the ages and the perfect gift for that one guy in your life who is exceptionally proud of his arms (we all know the one). This training tank holds all the benefits of the ZinTex collection: antimicrobial, odor-proof, sweat-wicking and UV protection for continuous outdoor use. Made to flatter all body types, the classic regular men’s fit leaves little room for gift-giving error. Undoubtedly a hassle-free gifting option.

Available in two (2) colors: gray and black.

ZinTex 7” Running Shorts


ODOR-PROOF. If you know, you know. Forget the sweat-wicking and antimicrobial properties and focus on the most practical benefit for the truly active man. These classic shorts take anyone’s workout or training outfit choice to the next level with an elastic towel strap and zipper pockets to keep everything in place. In the spirit of keeping everything in place, there’s also a brief lining version available. BONUS: they’re sustainably made with a fabric blend of recycled polyester and spandex.

Available in two (2) colors: gray and black

Essentials For All

PowerDyne Adjustable Dumbbells

Starting at $269.99

This one is for the real gym junkies out there. A pair of adjustable dumbbells for any avid gym goer is like gifting a coveted Hermes handbag to your mother (top-tier, hit the nail on the head gift giving). An early 2021 release, this top-selling dumbbell has become a cult favorite amongst fitness enthusiasts across the country. Available in two maximum weights of 55 and 80 LBS, adjustable based on varying strength levels. It’s hard to top such an essential and quality piece of training equipment. 

Available individually & sets in 55 and 80LBS.

MyoNetic Mini Massage Gun


Active or inactive, a massage gun is a perfect gift for ANYONE. Grandpa, mom, girlfriend’s dad, cranky coworker, uncle twice removed or your Starbucks barista, the MyoNetic Mini Massage Gun knows no target audience.  But the one thing it will target is the muscle pain everyone endures stressing over gifts this time of year. Give the gift of instant pain relief with a mini design and four (4) interchangeable massage heads, all nicely stored away in a carrying case. Just do it. No regrets will be made, trust. 


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