Percussion Therapy

Near Silent | 6HR Battery Life | Compact Design

Relieve. Relax. Recover.

The MyoNetic Mini Massage Gun is a health, relaxation, and rehabilitation device that targets a wide range of muscle groups throughout the body.

Muscle Relief

Anytime, Anywhere

Heading to the office, at the gym, or want instant muscle relief at home? The minimal noise emission and sleek design are ideal for discreet muscle relief on the go. Carry your massage gun anywhere or store it away with the conveniently sleek design.

How It Works

Choose your desired massage head and insert it into the front of the massage gun. Once secured, press and hold the speed control button for 3 seconds to turn. Apply light pressure to and glide onto the desired area of the body. To accelerate, press the buttons 1 to 3 times to the desired gear speed. To turn it off, press the control button until all of the gear lights are off. The massage gun will automatically shut off after 10 minutes.

Portable and Compact

Near Silent Noise Emission

Massage Heads

Four targeted multi-position head attachments.


Versatile attachment head intended for large muscles and full-body relief.


Glide through uneven crevices like the paraspinal muscles and Achilles tendons.


Target relief on trigger points like knots, ligaments and tendons.


Break down lactic acid accumulation in deep tissue and target dense muscle groups.

Long-Lasting Battery

6 Hour
Battery Life

A 2500 mAh provides powerful 10 min percussion intervals for up to 6 hours

Just charge with a USB cable and you’re good to go.

Power Light

Care Notes: The Battery must remain above 5% charge at all times.


Deep Tissue Relief

Deep Tissue Relief

Travel Friendly

Travel Friendly

6 HR Battery

6 HR Battery

Up to 3200ppm

Near Silent