5 HIIT Circuits for a Full Body Dumbbell Workout

5 HIIT Circuits for a Full Body Dumbbell Workout

Here are 5 HIIT circuits targeting full-body strength and conditioning using the cult-favorite PowerDyne Adjustable Dumbbells.

Circuit training mixes


(Short bursts of energy for movement to build and tone muscle)



(Increases your heart rate to get more oxygen pumping to your bloodstream)

to increase stamina while your body builds muscle AND burns fat. It’s a win, win.

Start off with a deep warm-up sesh to ensure every muscle is ready to tackle the metabolic stress. Take a 30 to 90-second break in between each round. Focus on good form and keeping those dumbbells in place throughout each move.


Target: Full Body

15 reps | Squat to Military Press

1 min | Boxer Punches

15 reps | Lunges

15 reps | Press

15 reps | Bentover Row

20 reps | Dumbbell Sit Up


Target: Core

15 reps | Leg V-Set

15 reps | Knee Complete Shoulder Raise

20 reps | Dumbbell Russian Twist

30 sec | Lateral Raise Hold Flutter Kick

15 reps | V-sit Shoulder Press


Target: Arms & Back

15 reps | Dumbbell Pendlay Row

20 reps | Rear Delt Fly

12 reps | Incline Dumbbell Row

20 reps | Pull-over


Target: Chest

15 reps | Alternating Dumbbell Press

20 reps | Decline Chest Fly 

12 reps | Incline Close Grip Press

20 reps | Decline Underhand Press


Target: Lower Body

15 reps | Romanian Deadlifts

15 reps | Goblet Squat 

12 reps | Squat Hop Variation

10 reps | Knee to Squat

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