How Do NonZero Gravity Sauna Suits Work?

How Do NonZero Gravity Sauna Suits Work?

It’s a common myth that wearing a sauna suit only helps with cutting water weight. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. A 2017 study at Western State Colorado University found that wearing a sauna suit while exercising increased fat loss, improved cardiovascular health and boosted muscle performance. Get the details on why NonZero Gravity sauna suits work and how wearing one during your workout can help you reach your goals and see results.

Increases Calories Burned

EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption) refers to the amount of oxygen you use after a workout. The more oxygen you consume, the more calories you burn. When you exercise at a high intensity, EPOC rates increase, meaning you burn more calories at a resting state than you would if you worked out at a lower intensity. Wearing a NonZero Gravity sauna suit during exercise helps maximize the intensity of your workout, use more oxygen and burn more calories for up to 24 hours following your workout. 

Improves Muscle Performance

NonZero Gravity suits help to improve muscle performance by increasing body temperature and maintaining a higher temperature throughout your workout. Research has shown that a higher body temperature contributes to faster muscle contraction and relaxation, essentially causing your muscles to work harder.

Decreases Chance of Injury

When your body is at a resting state, the blood vessels in your muscles are closed. As you warm up, those capillaries begin to open up and release more blood to your muscles, ligaments and tendons. This boost in blood flow prepares your body for movement, decreasing your chances of injuring a muscle or soft tissue. NonZero Gravity sauna suits help you warm up faster and keep blood flow high throughout your workout to prevent injuries. 

Increases Flexibility

A kinesiology study conducted at Auburn University Montgomery found that higher temperatures while stretching can increase flexibility by up to 205 percent. NonZero Gravity sauna suits help your body warm up quickly and maintain that heat throughout your workout. This heat encourages blood flow, which prepares your body for movement and will help muscles maintain an active state throughout your workout.

Improves Cardiovascular Endurance

The 2017 study at Western State Colorado University found that those who wore sauna suits while exercising saw an increase in VO₂max of 11.7 percent. Otherwise known as maximal oxygen uptake, VO₂max is considered the best indicator of cardiovascular endurance for athletes. It reflects overall cardiorespiratory fitness and is a large determinant of life expectancy and endurance capacity.